Our training sessions consist of warmup exercises and stretching, drilling of techniques, instruction of new techniques, guided sparring, and free sparring.  Come prepared to work up a sweat!

For prospective members, we will be hosting an Intro to HEMA and Longsword class the first Saturday of every month (with exceptions for holidays).  After your introduction class, your first month of training is $50, which will include a guild t-shirt and HEMA Alliance membership.  

Stick around with us and membership dues are just $30 after your first month, or $10 per class without membership.  These dues will go towards loaner equipment, liability insurance, bringing instructors from outside the Guild in, and other things that will benefit the Guild and further awareness of HEMA

What to bring

We provide loaner equipment for those that have not invested in gear yet, so all that is needed are clothes you are comfortable working out in and a source of hydration!  If you have fencing gear of some sort, feel free to bring it along and we can inspect it to see if it will hold up to the rigors of HEMA. 

where we meet

During the warmer months we train at McHenry Park in Des Moines.  If you haven't joined us for training before, check out the News section of the website to find out when the next introduction night is!  *NOTE:  WE ARE NOW AT MCHENRY PARK FOR TRAINING!*

We are currently seeking out a new area to train at during the winter months, if you know of some place with high ceilings that is cool with people swing swords inside their building, let us know!