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Intro to HEMA

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Your journey into Historical European Martial Arts starts here!  

This free class will be held Quarterly, and will give a brief overview of varying weapon systems and techniques that we'll be focusing on throughout the year.

Our techniques are learned from actual medieval manuals, found, translated, and interpreted by modern scholars.  This isn't the flashy, showy "swordsmanship" you see in Hollywood or at the Renaissance Fair, these techniques were designed to efficiently defend yourself and cut down your opponent. 

We utilize modern safety gear to bring our swordsmanship as close to realistic as possible while not injuring ourselves.  While strength is useful, just as important are speed and skill in executing the techniques.  

This combination of studying the ancient manuals and training the techniques as we've interpreted them makes HEMA unique among other martial arts, and we focus on staying true to the sources in order to revive the lost art of sword fighting.  

Come join us, it's a great excuse to buy yourself some swords! 

Earlier Event: January 9
Training Session
Later Event: January 16
Training Session