Looking towards a new year

While training sessions may be winding down a bit at the end of the year due to the busy holiday schedules everyone has, planning and brainstorming for next year has picked up to compensate!  We are hammering out a year long curriculum for next year, which will be split into a different area of focus for each quarter.

We'll be kicking off the New Year and new curriculum with a new intro course!  The first one will be held on Saturday, January 13th with a start time of 2 PM, with an Intro Course to be held at the start of each quarter going forward.  

We're also pretty excited about the tournament scene around the midwest for next year, with Chicago Swordplay Guild's second Midwinter Armizare Open keeping us frosty in January, Icebreaker heating things up in April, and Krump Pow finishing off the tournament scene with a bang in October.... 

Does it seem like there's a bit of a gap in this timeline?  Well good news, we're looking at bringing someone special up to host a class right here in Iowa sometime during the summer!  More details on that to come once we get things finalized! 

We hope everyone has a fun holiday season and look forward to seeing some new faces (and hopefully new swords!) next year!