Gear Directory

One of the most common questions we get is "What gear do I need, and where can I find it?"  HEMA is growing fast, and fortunately we get more and more options for gear every year!  This list will cover the more popular and well known vendors and what they offer.  If you know of a vendor that you feel everyone should know about, let us know!

general hema gear vendors


Purple heart armoury

Purple Heart Armory provides a wide array of HEMA gear, everything from books and travel kit to swords and fencing jackets.  Their Pentti synthetic training weapons are renowned for their quality.


south coast swords

Another vendor offering a variety of gear, South Coast Swords carries the Black Fencer line of synthetic training weapons, which also have great quality and a good variety of weapon types.  South Coast Swords also offers their own line of jacket, the Lynx Jacket, which is quite affordable for the HEMA fighter on a budget!


Neyman fencing

Based out of Poland, Neyman has a line of protective gear as well as steel feders.  They also have great pricing for custom sizing on orders!



An Italian company offering fencing gear, they have a HEMA line of masks and jackets and may be offering historical swords as well soon.  Their gear trends towards the pricier side but is well designed and regarded. 


black armoury

Based out of France, Black Armoury offers a variety of HEMA gear, including the Black Amroury Fencing Jacket and steel training weapons.